Makeup Basic Essentials That Belong You need in Every Makeup Bag

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Makeup Use Step by Step like Professionals

Makeup ulta- Basic Essentials That Belong You need in Every Bag


Based on the composition of your skin type, you can use the right cleanser. These can be soaps, scrubs, cleansers designed specifically for your skin type or acne products. This is the best way to wash the skin on your face. This hyaluronic acid cleanser will help you get rid of excess oil and shine in the T-zone area (forehead, nose and chin). You should also not forget a soft sponge or tampon to help you get rid of dead cells without irritation. You can choose from the best organic 100% natural products without chemical compounds. They are kind to nature and also to your skin.

Makeup ulta-Intensive Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Facial Cleanser

Intensive HA Facial Cleanser


Depending on your skin type, use water-based cosmetics, serum, lotion, cream or oil to help your skin be smooth and hydrated. Hydrated skin will reward you with a healthy skin tone, less maintenance, and a youthful appearance with minimal wrinkles. For oily skin, water-based serums are more suitable. For dry skin, a more nourishing cream containing fatty acids is recommended. The best cream helps prevent wrinkles and has an amazing anti-aging effect. A great cream and daily care are better than cosmetic surgery.

Makeup brushes

Brush set and sponges are the most versatile tool that everyone needs for. They’re excellent at helping you apply liquid and powder products to smaller areas on your face. Also, they can clean up any tiny mistake you made while doing your look. With this brush set with practical case, you don’t need brush holder.

Makeup ulta-Professional Makeup Brushes 10 pcs Set

Professional Makeup brush set

Primer or Foundation

Makeup Primer or Foundation is, well, the foundation for perfect look —basic or elaborate. It will solve uneven skin tone or discoloration. If you don’t need as much coverage use primer if you need to solve uneven skin tone or discoloration, use foundation. It also helps your makeup wear more evenly throughout the day. The best foundation adapts to your skin color.

Lipid Control Makeup Primer

Foundation Makeup primer

Color Corrector

The best quick first aid for dark circles or redness If you have dark circles under your eyes or redness you want to hide, it’s time to use a colour corrector. One of the best helpers in the fight against under eye circles and red spots on the face, including skin imperfections.

Corrector Stick Cover Dark Eye Circle Scar

Color Corrector


The best concealers cover discolorations, lighten dark areas, disguise blemishes, and work in tandem with your foundation to achieve the appearance of an even skin tone, use one of light Concealer’s second dark Concealer third middle Concealer. Your looks will be perfect.

Makeup Face Concealer

Matte Concealer

Blush, Highlighter, or Bronzer

It brings your looks to perfection, Blush gives to you a sexy flushed cheek, Bronzer is used to contour your face and Highlighters give your face a natural fresh glow.

Liquid Highlighter

Liquid highlighter


Mascara, There’s no better way for shining eyes, wake them up and define those eyes than by enhancing your lashes—and a good mascara is all you need. Stick with basic black mascara (or dark brown if you have light hair and lashes).

Makeup-Waterproof Makeup Mascara

Waterproof mascara

Eyes Shadows

A cut crease really helps to make your eyes nicely stand out (especially if you don’t have naturally defined eyelids). Simply take a dark shadow and apply it really well along the upper crease of your eyelid, connecting the end of the line with the outer corner of your eye.

Makeup-Natural Eye Shadow

Natural eye shadows

Eyes Liners

Brown or black pencil to create a thin line that defines and enhances your eyes and eyebrow

Makeup-Natural Eye Shadow

Waterproof black eye pencil

Lipstick and Lipspencile

Lipstick Lipspencile is the perfect made your lips sexy and bigger. You’ll be stunned at what a swipe of color can do for your lips, face, and great mood.

If you want something more natural Opt for a natural pink or nude lipstick instead.

Enjoy your beauty and colors of life

Makeup-Waterproof Matte Liquid Lipstick 6 ml

Waterproof matte liquid lipstick

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